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Neal Camper & Daryl Brodziski

As we prepared for our upcoming move to Arizona, we needed to seek out a realtor to help us find a new home. My partner did a Google search which lead us to Radek (realtor who has relocated other gay couples to the Tucson area). I traveled to Tucson in February of 2018 to meet Radek and to get a feel for the area and his professional services. He was very friendly and approachable which put me at ease. Thankfully, we took advantage of his services and on June 8th we closed on a beautiful place in Oro Valley.

To my surprise, Radek quickly returned my initial phone call and graciously agreed to meet with me during my February trip. He provided me adequate time so I could explain to him what our needs and expectations were regarding our future home. He also provided me with information regarding various neighborhoods throughout the Greater Tucson Metro Area. His guidance gave us valuable insight as we began the challenging process of selecting which homes to view during our upcoming visit in May.

Upon my return to Minneapolis, I was surprised by Radek’s quick response with the emailed MLS listing of homes for sale. Radek told us to go through the listing of properties and select which ones we wanted to view. Our list of homes was extensive (20+ homes) and Radek took the time to schedule all the viewings within a two day period. Radek allotted all the time necessary to thoroughly inspect the properties to our satisfaction. His professionalism gave us peace of mind, as we knew we were in good hands.

Our intentions were to view homes and to get a feel for various neighborhoods. We did not think we would be making an offer during this initial trip. To our surprise, we found our home and Radek sprung into action helping us get an accepted offer before we left town. He truly cares about his clients and is 100% invested. He took all the time necessary to ensure that we were going to get our home.

I would highly recommend Radek to anyone who is looking to purchase a home in the Greater Tucson Metro Area. He will put you at ease as you anxiously go through this stressful process. His thorough communication and prompt responses will help alleviate any undue anxiety. We are so grateful for all that Radek did for us and we have no doubt that he will go above and beyond for all his future clients.